He Rises Once Again - Connor McJesus

The evening of November 3rd, it won't be known as an important date internationally, but it would be a major blow to the hockey community. Edmonton was in shock, the concept of losing Connor brought back past memories, will our injury worries never go away? Since then the Team has one again been cursed yet with injury woes, leading the entire league with 205 man games lost.

We had just seen the horror of watching Michael Del Zotto & Brandon Manning ride Connor like a crazy-carpet. Rather than slowing at the bottom of a hill, they crashing into the boards behind the Fliers net. That look on His face, everyone knew something was wrong. Everyone has seen the replay at least 50 times right? Sure, it was a hockey play. Things happen, and with the speed of the game its a wonder players can even react that fast.

Watching the replay you can notice one thing that sticks out: while off balance, and being ridden into the boards, Connor is still able to get a legitimate shot on net. The drive and desire He plays with might be the most underrated attribute to Him game.

We are at a strange place in the season, once again at the bottom looking up....but in such a weak division there is still a chance, there is always a chance. Right? We would love nothing more than to see meaningful games past Valentines, but will we have to wait until the new Cathedral is built.

Finally, glorious news! McJesus has been in Bakersfield during the all-star break. He is surely not only working on His tan, but more importantly has been taking part in full contact practices. That, coped with the fact that He's been practicing  and traveling with the team for the past week; we can declare that HE SHALL RISE ONCE AGAIN! 


It won't be easy to jump back into the league, anyone missing 37 games will have an adjustment period. Mr. Eberle, a 5 year vet (can we call him that?), missed 13 games at the start of the season and is still struggling to get his timing and skating back to where other players are at this point in the season. Every player is different, but missing any games while transitioning to a mens league will be difficult. At the same time, having Him recovering the past 3 months may be the best thing that could have happened. Think about what Connor has gone through the past year, and all the hockey He's played:
  • Playing in over 60 OHL games. One-third of those being in the playoffs, including losing in the OHL finals to the Oshawa Generals. He dominated this league.
  • Went through being injured on a weird (freak) play/fight. This was at a weird time, it was His draft year plus the World Juniors we being held in Canada. Can you imagine worrying about not being able to play internationally at home like that?
  • His hand heeled, and played internationally in the World Juniors. He didn't dominate like people expected, but played a solid 7 games. Won the Gold, at home.
  • Going through the process of being the top rated prospect. The travel, press, interviews, etc.
  • Preparing for His first NHL season, training while having to keep commitments to Canadian Tire, Rogers, and Adidas to shoot TV commercials...I still can't get over seeing Connor on, while we are having a break from Him.
To recap,  an 18 year old gets hurt, comes back super quick to play internationally and win gold for Canada. Then takes His team, literally on His back to the OHL finals; has a week off all summer, and starts training for the upcoming NHL season. This injury may indeed be a godsend for the development, and getting used to a heavy western conference and league. There is no doubt the Team will be needing Him in the coming years, and with the new building (Connor's Cathedral) there has to be a push for the playoffs next year from ownership and management. Just saying, it may be a good thing for Him to play 40 games this year, have a good summer and start fresh next season. We pray.

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