About The Church of McJesus

Do you remember where you were around 6pm, on April 18th, 2015? Most people do, because in that 30 seconds of hope that was delivered to the city of Edmonton for many years to come. When Mr. Daly showed the world that the Edmonton Oilers had won and showed off that golden ticket, there was nothing but celebration. It was not supposed to happen, but with an 11.5% chance of winning the hockey gods showed themselves! 

Bill Daly Golden Ticket Oilers

June 26th, 2015. The date that will forever be remembered. Mens, women's and children gathered around the TV, all wanting to catch a glimpse of Him as he adorned His newest wears, and the jersey He shall wear for years to come. Promise, hope and a reason to celebrate swept over the city, and the nation. After weeks of fake speculation, we all knew where He was going to land. The Prophet Chiarelli walked up to the podium, and gave us the most important words we have heard from the organization since the trading of the Great One:

“We would like to thank the warm city of Florida, and the Florida Panthers for being a great host. We would like to thank out fans back in Edmonton, and our new AHL affiliate in Bakersfield....With that being said, the Edmonton Oilers would like to select, with their first pick, from the Erie Otters, Connor McJesus!"
The Church of McJesus was established to tell the world about His glory, and to spread the great word of McJesus. One day we will celebrate in the streets, for He shall deliver us glory in the coming years! For it is finally the time to put on that jersey, even if its not a game day. There is no reason to feel embarrassed to be a fan, rise up and prove it to the world!

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